Perfect Home

by Keeper

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Jose Vargas
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Jose Vargas intravenous straight and strong. Just what you need. Discazo, a la vena. Favorite track: Framing.
Andrew Shores
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Andrew Shores This band just keeps getting better and better, they're sure to blow up. A lot of 'soft grunge' or 'emo' music can end up being really contrite and boring, but Keeper manages to keep things interesting with heavy instrumentals, great lyrics and good vocals. This is cheaper than a shitty Starbucks drink. Buy it. Favorite track: Hopeless.
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released February 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Keeper Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Framing
It's so sad to see that you rely on me
when my back is breaking.

I'll carry your weight. And I'll try not to complain
while I take the blame for everything
Track Name: Hopeless
I've made my way through everything
that had me bleeding out.
Passed every day hoping that you'd
come around, so...

Don't tell me things will get better.
Your empty words are killing me.
And all I have left from these lies
is fading with the weeks.

Abandoned and hopeless
Full of woe and self-doubt.
You're leaving me breathless
I'm worn the fuck out.
Track Name: Blue Dream
I'm paranoid and I can't sleep
because of what you said to me.
And it made me weak. It's weird
to think how things have changed,
and how I used to feel more sane.
That doesn't matter anyway..

Time and time, again, I feel I'm losing
control. I could use some clarity before
I let you go. So stay with me on empty
streets; in empty rooms. It's better than
believing I'm not good enough for you.

You are weight, and you're pressing
down. That's not important right now.
I'm not one for breaking promises, so
hold me to that. There's no going back..

When did I promise a perfect home? I
only said that you would never be alone.
And now I'm scared of what could be,
but I can't run. That's not the way that I
was raised, so I guess I'll bite my tongue.
Track Name: White Noise
I'm caving in on myself with clarity
that I'd expect from one who lives
with nothing left, and it can't get
better. My father must be ashamed
of me for everything I've been; I'm
the opposite of him, from what I

Now I'm face down on the pavement,
and no one seems to care about the
way I've come to be about all of these
petty things. It's apparent that I'm
wasting all the years that pass through
me. I can't keep pace with everything,
and I'll never sleep the same again.

Seven years eat me slowly; you're
finally breaking through my skin
with how you treated me, and I can't
let this happen again. How can I feel
composure if you carry yourself low,
drowning out all that i know?

I'm biting my nails and I'm holding
my tongue. Not forcing my words,
making this undone.
(I'm still a kid picking up the pieces
of my youth, and I'll never dream